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In order to use our web shop and the 'online' payment methods, you will first have to register. The details you enter will be used to compile your invoice. Younique Music Group will never supply your details to third parties, unless it is obligated to do so by legal determinations.
Why register?
Our MIDI, AUDIO files and related products are protected by copyright and authorship laws and fall under the 'software' category. If you make a purchase, you will receive the user rights for that product. In order to demonstrate that you legally use our products, it is important for you to correctly register your purchase. The user rights for our midi files apply exclusively to the (legal) person stated on the invoice. This person is responsible for abiding by the copyright determinations stated in our delivery conditions. You may only register if you agree with these conditions!
Online Payment methods
We accept 'online payment' via credit card (Mastercard and VISA) or PayPal. If you have a Dutch bank account you can also pay via iDeal.
You have to activate your registration!
A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the stated e-mail address once you have completed your registration. This e-mail will contain an activation link, which must be used in order to confirm the one-off registration. Check your SPAM inbox if you think you did not received the conformation e-mail!
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* If filled in, the content of this field will also be printed on your invoices.

Our newsletter is sent once every 2 weeks. This newsletter informs you about the new productions that have been added to our catalog and which song titles are 'in production' at the moment of sending. This newsletter also informs you about the (temporary) sales in our online webshop.

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