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Free software downloads
Stuffit Expander downloads to open our .ZIP-files
Our midi files and backing tracks are offered to you as .ZIP-files. You have to use WINZIP, WINRAR or the STUFFIT EXPANDER program to ‘extract' these .ZIP-files. A Stuffit EXPANDER version (free of charge) can be downloaded beneath. Once you have installed one of these programs on your PC, you will be able to unpack our .ZIP-files into a normal folder. This folder contains, your invoice, all midi files and additional documents.

If you allready have an older stuffit expander (7.0) version installed on your PC, install a new one. Please remove the old version first.
Password to open the gedownloaded .ZIP-files
Your 10-digit Customer-ID is the password to extract your downloaded .ZIP-file.
Download here your Stuffit Expander free version
Download here - Stuffit Expander 2010 Windows (for .zip- & .sit files)
Download here - Stuffit Expander 2011 Windows 32bit* (for .zip files)
Download here - Stuffit Expander 2011 Windows 64bit* (for .zip files)
Download here - Stuffit Expander 2011 MAC
Download here - Stuffit Expander 2009 i-MAC (OSX 10.4 +)
*Make sure which version you have, a Windows 32 or a 64 bit version. If you experience any problems you can vist the Stuffit website for a suitable or the latest Stuffit Expander versions:

Other Stuffit WINDOWS versions at Stuffit website  |   Other Stuffit MAC versies at Stuffit website
Add our website to your 'trusted websites'
To avoid download problems, it is important that our website,, is added to your trusted websites in your internet browser.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Our website contains various links to PDF forms. If you buy online, you will find your invoice and other documents as PDF format files in your folder. In order to open these PDF files, you will need Acrobat Reader. Click here for the latest version of Acrobat Reader.
VanBasco Midi/Karaoke player
VanBasco's Karaoke Player 2.53 is a MIDI Karaoke Player for Windows with a "full-screen" lyrics display. The player enables speed, volume, key control, mute/solo instruments to be modified. Turn your PC into a Karaoke machine. This can be used to play all midi files with embedded Karaoke. Click here to download a free version.
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