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General customer support
What can you expect from us?
All midi files and MP3 Backing Tracks are professionally produced and carefully checked by us. If, despite our intensive checks, you discover technical shortcomings in one of our files, you may contact our support team. We will then provide a full response or offer a solution as quickly as possible. If we do not immediately have a solution for your problem, we will present your problem to the concerned hardware manufacturer and keep you informed about developments.
Problems with one of our files?
If you are having problems with one of our files, you may e-mail our support department, Please do not forget to mention the catalogue number and a clear description of your problem.
How we 'program/arrange' our files
We will not discuss the contents of our files, in terms of 'programmed/recorded' tracks, selected management of various instruments/samples, 'arrangement' method and other technical aspects relating to our files. Naturally, we are ALWAYS open to constructive suggestions/advice and will certainly take them into consideration.
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