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Technical information midi files
High quality arrangements
All Younique Music Group midi files comply with the highest norms. This translates into perfect regulation of sound and technical facilities such as Vocal Harmony and Embedded Karaoke. Naturally, the quality of your system will partly determine the result and final output.
Explanation for various systems/midi file names (update 02-03-2012)
As of 1992 we have produced midi files for various systems. The comprehensive information, which accompanies each individual midi file title, clearly states the systems for which our midi files can be used. The table below shows various abbreviations and accompanying systems which use our midi files. These abbreviations are also used in our midi file name in order to indicate the most suitable midi file for the used system.
Actual MIDI systems, view detailed info for each midi song title
GM =
Standard MIDI level 1 - all GM compatible systems
G2 =
Standard MIDI level 2 - all GM2 compatible systems
XF =
Yamaha standard all XF/XG compatible keyboards & sound modules
T2 =
Yamaha Tyros 2 compatible & Yamaha CVP 407 / CVP 409
T3 =
Yamaha Tyros 3 compatible keyboards
T4 =
Yamaha Tyros 4 (all productions as off 2012)
PR =
Roland SC88pro / SC88xx / G-1000 / EM-2000 / VA Serie / Discover-5
Extra options: in all productions as off 2000
Karaoke lyrics in all Extended midifile titles
V-format midifiles (Vocal Harmony on Track 4)
Earlier produced midi systems, also view detailed info for each midi songtitle
TY =
Yamaha Tyros 1/2 & PSR 3000 / PSR-S900 / PSR-S700 / Yamaha CVP 307/CVP 309
XG =
Yamaha XG all compatible keyboards and sound modules
PS =
Yamaha PSR9000 series
G7 =
Roland G-70 / E-80 compatible keyboards and sound modules
VA =
Roland VA-7 series
G8 =
Roland SC88 / E-600 / G-600 / G-800 / Discover-5
GS =
Roland E86 / E70 and GS compatible keyboards and sound modules
In each .zip-download / song title directory you will find a SystemInfo.pdf file which explains which midi file you can use the best for your system. If you have questions please contact us.
All midi files, audio files and other items are arranged for and produced by and are the property of Younique Music Group BV. they are protected by international authorship and copyright law. Displayed images are for graphical purposes only, and are not contractual. Offered products are standard midi file data or audio backing tracks. This does not involve original songs/music. Read more ...
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