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Midi file & MP3-backing track catalogue | online prices
More than 8500 midi files and 1550 MP3 backing tracks in archive
Since 1992 Younique Music Group/TMF Online has been producing top quality professional midi files. We closely follow the latest music charts, are open to suggestions and produce song titles in a wide range of genres. In 2009 we started the production of HQ MP3 backing tracks also for professional use.
Extended midi files *
Midi files produced from 2000 until the present day are produced with Karaoke lyrics and Vocal Harmony(midi track 4).
Basic midi files **
Midi files produced from 1992 till 1999 do not have Karaoke Lyrics and Vocal Harmony tracks. (cat. nrs: 92000 - 99183).
GM-ONLY midi files***
GM-Only midi files are deliverd only as GM1 midi file in 0 & 1 format files (catalogue numbers from 50000). They are produced by third party producers. Most of them are programmed with 'Embedded Karaoke Lyrics' and 'vocal harmony tracks'. For detailed info about each title check the midi detail page of every single title.
Midifiles on request
If you cannot find a midi file title in our catalogue, please e-mail us and we will consider production
MP3 backing tracks
We supply sublime backing tracks in MP3 format (256 Kbs/44.1 KHz). These backing tracks are without lead- and backing vocals. We supply our backing tracks in the original pitch.
From midi to MP3 within 24 hours
Not all song titles are online as MP3 backing track yet. If you find a song title in our midi file catalogue and you wish to order this song title as online MP3 backing track, please send an e-mail to and we will add it a.s.a.p.. We can also alter the backing tracks to your personal needs (key or sounds etc.)
'Special made' MP3 backing tracks
Wij are able to produces any MP3 backing track within 4 days! For further information please send an e-mail to: with the song title and artist.
Search our midi- & backing track catalogue
You will always find the latest 90 productions under the midi files / backing track menu buttons. These are always listed by date of placement. At the midi file and MP3 backing track pages, at your lefthand side, you can use the search feature to find the title(s) you're looking for.
Our delivery conditions, including copyrights
Click here, to read and print our delivery conditions.
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